My name is Stéphan.

I'm a software engineer in the Netherlands. Find me on Mastodon and GitHub, or you can send me email.

Whenever possible, I try to contribute back to the open-source community. The majority of this work is spare-time effort. If you appreciate any of my work, you can support me via GitHub sponsors or Ko-fi.

I'm project lead on Portier, and also take an interest in NixOS, developing unofficial tools like LazySSH, yarn-nixpkgs, yarn-plugin-nixify, and composer-plugin-nixify.

Some other fun personal projects I've done:

Articles I wrote: (RSS feed)

Using Nix flake inputs with PHP Composer

Exploring different ways to use private dependencies with Nix and PHP.

Using flakes for NixOS configurations

On combining flakes with auto-upgrades and private inputs.

diridp: replace access keys with public key crypto

A tool to use automatically rotating JWTs in your app to talk to external services.

A Nix terminology primer by a newcomer

Trying to explain terms and concepts used in the Nix packager manager.

A proposal for standarising a subset of JSON-LD

In order to reduce complexity of protocols built on top of JSON-LD, like ActivityPub.

IPv6 on production Docker

On manual routing in Docker, and using it to get IPv6 in containers.

Inside Docker’s Moby

A look at the VM inside Docker for Mac, and how to improve shared filesystem performance by using NFS instead.